Autism innovation.

We’re modernizing Applied Behavior Analysis with tools and insights for better care and long-term success.


Improve ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis is the gold-standard therapy to help those with autism achieve their best possible outcome towards independent living, meaningful relationships, lifelong vocation and self-advocacy.

But challenges persist:

X – ABA provider growth

X – ABA provider supply and forecasted supply to meet demand

Challenge #1

Huge Demand Imbalance

Despite an 800% surge in ABA providers since 2014…

Challenge #1

Huge Demand Imbalance

… demand outpaces supply 10-to-1, and 54% of US counties have 0 supervisors to oversee ABA.

BCBA supervisors credentialed all-time

Registered Behavior Technician Certification Requirements

Challenge #2

Rapidly Expanding Workforce

60% of supervisors credentialed all-time have <5 years experience

Challenge #2

Rapidly Expanding Workforce

To meet rising demand, a week-long, online certification was created for registered behavior technicians who deliver up to 40 hours of intensive ABA therapy every week for a child with autism.

Challenge #3

Massive Data Void

Above all, ABA lacks data transparency, keeping everyone – parents, providers and payors – in the dark.


We’re improving the quality of ABA therapy with objective data, meaningful insights and actionable nudges. We partner with provider and payor organizations to establish value-based contracting models.


Ling Shao’s Story

Ling’s own journey to help all four of her boys diagnosed with autism get the care they needed led her to found SpectrumAi, to modernize and democratize access to high-quality ABA therapy for kids on the spectrum everywhere.

Ling & her family


“SpectrumAi is uniquely positioned, and now well-capitalized, to progress ABA therapy to address a major unmet need in autism care. We look forward to supporting Ling Shao and the rest of their team as they advance the company into the next phase.”

Carl Byers

Partner, F-Prime Capital


“Autism advocates and parents of autistic children have made enormous strides to get all 50 states to mandate coverage of ABA therapy. But when we took a closer look at the industry, there have been a very limited number of investments that focus on quality in the space. The emphasis on quality is the key to better outcomes for families and a chance for autistic children to grow into their full potential.”

Former U.S. Senator Bill Frist, M.D.

Co-founder of Frist Cressey


“As the investment and innovation arm of the autism community, Autism Impact Fund believes strongly in SpectrumAI’s model, which will lead to improved outcomes through disruptive technology and value based care.”

Chris Male

Autism Impact Fund’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner.


“Families, employers and health plans are all frustrated about the quality differential in ABA treatments. We are all willing to pay but would like to get high-quality care in the process. Quality measures do not currently exist in the industry and there is a significant need to evolve towards a pay for quality or pay for value methodology.”

Kent Marquedt

SpectrumAi individual investor and advisor, former CFO of Premera Blue Cross