Medical-grade ABA analytics for payors eliminate paperwork and waste. For everyone.

Patterns Benefits for Insurance Companies
Utilization management and audit efficiencies
Automated prior authorization
Administrative cost-savings
Unique employer, Medicaid and TRICARE benefit
Differentiated ABA insights

Meaningful data = better management

Patterns takes ABA out of the dark ages with objective data and analytics that deliver meaningful insight to payors to optimize coverage and quality for commercial, Medicaid and TRICARE members.


Patterns Benefits

Simple and efficient utilization management

Patterns makes it possible to verify severity, treatment and outcomes by accessing in-session and longitudinal treatment data.

Patterns Benefits

Objective network management

For the first time, with Patterns, payors can tier network providers to drive better, more accessible care and outcomes.

Patterns Benefits

Administrative cost savings

Utilization management, audit and fraud, waste and abuse functions are highly resource intensive and do not scale as the ABA provider network grows at more than 25% annually. Patterns streamlines processes and eliminates reliance on copious subjective narratives in favor of transparent access to objective data.

Patterns Benefits

Premium access for self-insured employers

Payors can opt to offer Loom premium access for self-insured employers.